Imagine if you got focused

Are you on the verge of doing something spectacular?

I have been thinking about this a lot from conversations I’ve had with several clients.

Imagine for a moment if you got focused. Take whatever it is that you do best – take the product or service you are selling, that you’ve worked so hard for to get to this level of success.

Now imagine if you got focused and sold out to the idea that you could take your success to a whole new level.

What would that look like?

How much could you grow your sales – 2x? 5x? 50x? More? What is your potential? How big is the market?

What changes would that make in your lifestyle?

How many lives could you impact?

Would you sell your business? Most businesses can sell for 2x – 4x their earnings. For some of you that would mean millions, for others tens of millions, for others, hundred million plus.

If you got really focused and went after it, what is the potential?

There are 3 things you need to get you there, and one thing that will prevent you.

3 Things You Need:

  1. Focus – can you focus for a short period of time?
  2. Determination – are you determined to get there and to do the work?
  3. A plan – do you have a marketing plan that you have confidence in that will get you there?

I can’t give you the first two, you have to bring that.

The third one, is where our Engineered Marketing approach comes in.

You need a marketing plan, and I don’t mean a vague plan, but rather a specific plan – do this, then this, then this. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. A plan that will bring you in all the leads and prospects you need to grow and scale your business.

What is the one thing preventing you from doing the remarkable in your business?


Distraction takes many different forms – spending too much time on social media, chasing the latest bright shiny object, building a secondary product line or business instead of staying focused on the main thing, being distracted by disbelief, or being distracted by the wrong advice.

What price are you paying?

Every business I’ve ever worked with has one thing in common – they all have a marketing plan, either by design or by default. Most businesses have a plan be default. They have become successful through sheer effort and hard work and can’t fathom growing or scaling because there’s no way they can double their work.

Who would want to double the work? It’s too exhausting.

No, I’m talking about having a system do all the hard work. Having a marketing plan that involves a system, using the incredible automation and technology available, to multiply your results while reducing the time you spend in your business.

Building a client acquisition system that will do that.

What is the price tag of your marketing plan?

Imagine what you could do if you got focused?

If you want to learn more about client acquisition systems, I wrote a FREE eBook for you. You can learn more and get it here:

Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Do something remarkable in your business.


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The Gap Between “Floundering”, and “Feasting”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2013, 409,000 businesses were born, and, in the very same year about 400,000 died.

Why? Why do so many fail?

One of the big reasons is that business owners don’t have a grip on their marketing.

There are THREE questions most business owners are unable to answer:

1) What Is Your Goal?
This refers to the amount of money you need to bring in to satisfy your business, and your personal needs.

2) How Are You Going to Reach That Goal?
How many leads and sales do you need on an ongoing basis to hit your goal?

3) The final question is about marketing.
Do You Have A Client Acquisition System That Gives You The Highest Probability Of Achieving Your Objective?

The first two questions are very personal to you. Don’t mimic anyone else. Set the number high enough to make you smile but not ridiculous and out of reach that it will discourage you. KNOW how many leads and sales you need to make this happen. Get clear. Get focused. Kick some butt!

The third question is our Engineered Marketing solution – it’s the Client Acquisition System.

You busted your tail off building your business to where it is. You deserve to have your marketing working.

How do you get it working?

Think of your favorite car. Whether it’s Ford, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, or someone else. Those companies don’t build cars one at a time. They have a manufacturing assembly line. They don’t chase after the latest painting fads, or forging fads, or machining fads. They don’t fly by the seat-of-their-pants. They don’t scramble building each car.

What they do have is a great SYSTEM for making cars. A system that makes millions of high-quality vehicles to delight their customer – you!

What if you had a system like that?!! What if you had a system that makes tens, or hundreds, or thousands, or millions of sales, with each, and every sale delighting your customer? Would that make a difference in your life?

I have built those systems to make millions of cars as an engineer for Ford. I have built those systems to generate leads and sales for hundreds of businesses, and I continue to do so today. I am passionate about building client acquisition systems.


Because I think you should be spending your time helping people doing what you do best, whatever that may be – whether you are a financial advisor, lawyer, author, doctor, contractor, cat or dog boarding company, marketing manager, roofing company, make almond butter, consultant, coach, or any other professional service company or ecommerce company.

You should be selling a boatload of what you sell.

Do you have a good product or service that helps people? Then you deserve to have all the leads and clients and sales you want so you can help even more people and make even more money. What an exciting cycle that is.

You won’t get there chasing the latest traffic technique, or the latest marketing fad, or the hopped-up pitch-of-the-week.

You will only get there with a system.

Do you want an assembly-line marketing system that can give you a scalable number of leads (or client, or sales), seemingly at will? Do you have a system that will allow you to grow from struggling, to a lifestyle business, to a regional business, or a nationwide or world-wide enterprise – a system that will allow you to grow as big as you want, with the same amount of time you’re working now, or less?

Did you know that when you have this, you can cut back on the time you are working in your business and instead spend more time doing whatever it is you like to do? Traveling, more time with the kids or grandkids, golfing, mountain biking, swaying in a hammock somewhere tropical, or building an astonishing business that you can pass on or sell.

Your answers to these three questions is the gap between where you are, and where you want to be.

  1. What is your goal?
  2. How are you going to reach that goal?
  3. Do you have a client acquisition system to achieve your objectives?

FREE Guide - Engineered Marketing Client Acquisition SystemsGet our FREE Guide on building Client Acquisition Systems here.

If you’re tired of scrambling, chasing leads, and want to make it easy to find prospects who need your service, then get the guide and read it.

Either you’re going to build this in your industry, or one of your competitors will.

Get the guide here.

My desire is to see you have astonishing success in your business.


Many people are looking for the homerun when it comes to their marketing. Sometimes it happens right away, more often it doesn’t.

Many people are looking for the homerun when it comes to their marketing. Sometimes it happens right away, more often it doesn’t.

Here’s a case study where something spectacular happened for a client that had no list, no market and no time.

The work involved to do this:

  • Was NOT glamorous
  • Did NOT involve any new technology
  • Had nothing to do with a pretty website (while a pretty website helps, in this situation the site was kind of ugly)
  • Did NOT involve a big list (the client had no list, this was done with C-O-L-D traffic)

So how did he pull in multiple six figures from a tiny adspend?

The client was an industry leader in the real estate industry and wanted to fill seminars to show people how to invest.

He was already somewhat successful and he had already started putting on seminars. He had marketing that was working ok and returning a positive ROI.

His goal was simple: Target better clientele that has cash.

He wasn’t doing any internet marketing and was thinking that he was missing opportunity. He was.

Now this posed a new kind of problem. There really wasn’t much internet traffic available. The city where the seminar was in had a population of less than 1 million people. Not an ideal situation. And there were maybe 100 people searching for real estate seminars in that city, and of those 100, only a few might attend.

If 100% of the people searching for seminars came to his website (they wouldn’t) and if 1% signed up, then that would be 1 person. This math doesn’t work. The client sold seminar tickets and coaching programs and needed waaayyyyyyy more than 1 person to make $300,000.

Quick recap – no list, very small number of people searching, no presence on social media, small geographical location and with a seminar being a week away, not enough time to do a grass-roots program, and needing to get a lot of people to the seminar.

So What Happened?

The client employed our Engineered Marketing approach (plus he allowed us to help him). We focused on his TCP – his Three Circles of Wealth – Traffic, Conversion and Profitability. TCP - The Three Circles of Wealth

Traffic – we came up with some creative ways to drive traffic and visitors to his website to the tune of getting 1000-2000 visitors per day to his site (compare to conventional approaches that would typically yield 20 visitors per day).

Result: the client added $150,000 in revenues

Conversion – this is where one of the big gains happened. He already had a good website that was working. He asked our opinion and we noticed some incongruencies. The message and offer on his webpage was off relative to the content and value people received at the seminar and what was mentioned on his website. It was a subtle yet significant change.

We had also developed and tested numerous different hot buttons on the ads we were running and found some to be “hotter” than others.

I engineered a strategy and sent the client 5 texts and 2 emails outlining the changes that should be made to the headline, to the images on the site and to the copy.

The client took the suggestions and implemented them. It took him 30 minutes.

Result: client doubled his revenue from $150,000 to $300,000

Profitability – the numbers shown above were remarkably profitable. Client acquisition cost was peanuts and ROI was a large multiple of this. (Sorry, for confidentiality reasons I can’t disclose actual numbers 🙂

Time for the dramatic close to this post… drum roll please….

If you would like to have changes like this in your business, then focus on your TCP (Three Circles of Wealth). There are opportunities that exist in your business right now.

Oh, if you’re a numbers guy (gal) figure out how much the client make when he repeated this monthly (which he did). Now figure out what could happen in your business…

It was NOT a stroke of luck. He had a well engineered client acquisition system.

Blessings eh!

Please Note: This is an actual case study and numbers were provided by the client. Results will vary from person to person based on their unique situation.

This is NOT how it’s supposed to be. Everything was supposed to work out.

A number of years ago my entire life and business staggered, toppled and then collapsed.

I picked up the phone and called a dear friend whose advice I cherish. “What do I do? I lost my business, my cash reserves are gone and we have to leave our house.”

This is NOT how it’s supposed to be. Everything was supposed to work out.

It didn’t.

What happened?

I built a business up, and then I took my hand off the wheel. I listened to advice from “well-intentioned” people and took my business in a different direction it should never have gone in at the time.

And then I was lied to by the one person I thought I could trust – myself.

I told myself everything was going to be ok. I would pull through this like I pulled through other things.

Everything is going to be alright in business and marketing when you do thisThe picture is of a stuffed animal I was given at the time. It says “EGBAR”, which stands for Everything is Going to Be All Right. Wow, did I ever fool myself. It worked out later, but at the time I was dredged through the mud.

The warning signs were there but I missed them. I didn’t have wisdom. I didn’t want to listen to anyone because I knew best. My ego and pride almost destroyed me.

It caused immense pain.

It could have been avoided IF I had wisdom from someone with a higher perspective.

The worst part is my wife suffered and was dragged through this even though she did nothing wrong. I had let myself down and let her down.

She stayed by my side.

Slowly but surely, I painfully I rebuilt my business and rose up out of the ashes like a phoenix. Life is so much better when you can breathe freely.

If only I had sought advice. I could have been spared from much pain and suffering. If only I had listened to wisdom.

It’s like that old Ernest Hemingway quote, “How did you go bankrupt? Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.

I see many people (and have helped many people) heading in this direction. They may be doing ok now, but their marketing is not working. If they don’t get this worked out now, they will be bankrupt, out of business, and on the street.

This happened to a client that was doing millions in sales. Their marketing gradually stopped working. They kept saying it was going to be Ok.

By the time they came to me they had no sales. I can’t resurrect the dead. They were too far gone. They should have been doing tens, or hundreds of millions of dollars but they sold for less than pennies on the dollar.

If your marketing isn’t working, then if you don’t radically change what you’re doing or who you’re listening to, then you could be next.

How do you know if you’ll be too far gone? How do you know if you’ll be feasting or floundering?

I wrote a separate blog post on that. There are three questions you need to answer. You can learn more by reading the article here:

My wish is for you to see remarkable gains in your business.

Chris Goegan

How To Be Unstoppable – pure rubbish!!!

… or is it???

I see so many promotions and topics with the same underlying theme – “How To Be Unstoppable”. I see them in my email inbox, my mailbox, on the web, tv – seems like everywhere I turn there’s some guru promoting this.

I know I’m not the only one that sees this. And a shameless confession, it has a certain appeal to me. The thought of being “the guy” or being able to carve out your own destiny stirs emotions up in me. I see images of being applauded, and revered, and respected, and sought after, oh, and did I say “wealthy, happy and successful?”.

It also stirs something else up in me… pride and ego. And those two monsters have taken many people down, myself included.

So, instead of being “the guy” and being unstoppable, I’d rather be a guy who makes the best use of his gifts and talents, is diligent, seeks wisdom, plans and takes action and God willing, achieves his goals. (interesting observation – the more I do that, the easier everything else seems to be)

Now in my business, would I like it to be unstoppable?


… as long as I don’t have to sacrifice my family, friends (or anything else dear to me) on the alter.

For the record, in my opinion, unless you’re God, I don’t think anything can ever be “unstoppable”. There’s always something seen or unseen that can take you down.

So instead of “unstoppable”….

What If Your Business Could Be Stronger, Rock Solid, Able To Withstand Numerous Blows And Still Keep Producing – Would that relieve some tension or make you grin?

Well the good news here is that it can.

How do you do that?

… you get rid of the silly notion that there is some magic pill to swallow or some silver bullet or your business can be changed in the next 60 seconds or less. That is pure rubbish.

What isn’t, is you can roll up your sleeves and WORK.


  • setting a goal and going after it with focus and determination
  • researching the market and competition to see what’s out there
  • finding a niche you can dominate and crafting out a clear, concise USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that separates you from the competition
  • developing a strategy to attacking the market
  • creating a compelling sales conversion process
  • making an irresistible offer to get your prospect or client to say “yes”
  • Now picture adding 5-10 different lead generation techniques to get your message in front of the exact right people at the exact right time

Seems like a lot of work doesn’t it? Well, it is. That’s why most people won’t do this. That’s why for the few that do, they can reap most of the spoils. Did you know that 95% of the profits in a market will go to less than 5% of the businesses?

Now if you decided to be different and if you did this, how would you feel about your business? How would you feel about it’s ability to weather the storms that are guaranteed to come? Would you be confident in being able to take time off, take trips, plan your retirement, get involved in charity, or how about mentally being there for your family instead of constantly thinking about business?

If you go after something with wisdom, focus and determination and WORK on the right things, it’s amazing what you will be able to accomplish.


P.S. If you have a challenge in your business, we offer a free no-obligation 15 minute consultation where we will tackle and give you perspective on demolishing the #1 problem affecting your business. You can get more information here… Click Here eh!

Three Major Forces Changing Internet Marketing

Read this if you are in the game and want bigger results, or if you are not yet in the game but want to get in:

The vast majority of people today believe that internet marketing is a piece of cake and it’s so easy to get an abundance of leads. This has led to many business failures and much frustration. But if you start challenging the way people are thinking, then you can start to see the market from a different perspective. A more powerful perspective. The perspective we use.

Let me explain…

Internet marketing, especially with Facebook, LinkedIn, Social Media and the Big G (Google) have been changing over the last several years. A few years ago you could slap up a web page, buy some cheap clicks, send people to your page and you’d have instant business.

It was a gold rush.

Now things have changed significantly due to the three market forces which I explain below.

80-90% of companies are failing or struggling while 95% of the spoils are going to the top 1% of businesses. The rich get richer and the poor struggle.

The good news is, you get to pick what camp you are in – if you understand these forces and act accordingly.

Three market forces that we follow very closely have formed an important window that we can step through – if we time it right. We don’t know how long the window will be open, but if you get into action now, you can make remarkable gains in your business faster using any marketing medium out there.

Here’s our analysis of the way the market is moving:

#1 Competitive Factors – everyone and their brother are jumping into the market. With the insurgence of competition in internet marketing, your prospects have many more choices. Most competitors are marketing wrong and it will take some time for them to figure it out. You have to be wise on how to position yourself.

#2 Economic Factors – With more competitors jumping online, and with all advertising companies (think Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) working really hard to get more people to advertise, the cost of getting traffic is increasing. Click costs that were $0.20 a few years ago are now up to $5 and in some highly competitive markets, depending on the media source used, can cost as much as $50 – $100 per click. There is still a window of time to have a feast of business if you deploy a well-engineered strategy and value proposition, to the right audience, at exactly the right time, and have a wise engagement and ascension plan.

#3 Technology Factors – A lot of other media is clamoring for your marketing and advertising dollars – with Facebook, Pinterest, Google, Mobile, Twitter, YouTube, etc., Most of the advertising platforms are weak with a lower proportion of buyers and they are struggling trying to figure out how to gain profits. We know a strategy that will shortcut your success and allow you to climb to the top of the heap of whatever traffic source you choose. How long the window is open, I don’t know.

This may or may not be news to you, but this is what is going on and how the market is moving NOW. All three forces are essential to your online strategy.

There is a formula for marketing success. It goes like this: Success = Engineering + Systems + Salesmanship + Data Feedback Loop.

Again, if you’re not in the market and want to, or if you want to win bigger, then you have a short market window to step through.

If you fight against these forces you will struggle. If you hit it right, though, you’ll be one of the few businesses that gets through this small window with a wide grin on your face.

You get to choose – what will it be?


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How Chuck Doubled His Business from $6.8M to $15.2M In Uncertain Times

I was reading an article that had links to a kazillion different related articles on every internet marketing topic under the sun – 5 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Business, Get Paid to Post on Facebook (yes, people pay people to post on their Facebook pages to make them look more credible – ridiculous eh?! What would be a good sarcastic comment here?), Use LinkedIn SEO PPC and your Magic 8-ball (remember those?!!) to get Quality Leads Faster.

I’m sure the articles had valid content. The point is that I think business owners are too easily seduced by bright shiny objects. Sure you can use many of them to make significant gains but they are NOT, and should never be the focus of any marketing campaign.

Case Study: It’s About The Customer

Chuck hired us to help him. He owned a manufacturing company that made parts for Fortune 100 companies. His sales had been steadily growing for a number of years through his team’s hard work. But then two unexpected things happened: the economy tanked and secondly, his biggest customer decided to discontinue a product and cancel their orders. Ouch.

Tough pill to swallow. Chuck was now faced with hard business decisions – does he lay employees off, slash prices to win some instant cheap business, move to a smaller production facility to cut expenses, or does he do something else? What??

He asked us to help him and here’s what we did….

Fantasy Scenario: we setup a Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest account with lots of bright fancy-schmancy colors and graphics to portray an upbeat happy professional image that would be appealing to the diverse group of potential clients. We brought in Suzie Sunshine to tweet and post about all the happy things going on in the company. Every picture showed everyone smiling and happy. We built a great new website and ranked #1 on highly searched keyword terms and rolled out email blasts showing how wonderful we were. Sales skyrocketed faster than a speeding bullet and everyone was happy, held hands, swayed side to side and sang “kumbaya”. And we did this in 30 days.

… did you pick up the hint of sarcasm there? 🙂

Reality – What We Did To Stop the Hemorrhaging, Right the State of Ship and DOUBLE His Business: Understanding that not every tactic works for every business, we came in and analyzed the situation. We were looking for where the biggest holes and opportunities were. We looked at his sales and identified his best clients.  Something interesting revealed itself here – we found that all his best clients had almost the same emotional DNA. Their pschyographic makeup (personality, values, attitudes and interests) were almost identical. We dug deeper and thoroughly understood their hot buttons, their emotional buying language and all the B.S. that drove them crazy.

We then came up with a list of high profile potential clients in different verticals that had three characteristics:

  1. They had money
  2. They were NOT interested in the cheapest price and instead were willing to pay more for value-add
  3. They matched the psychographic makeup of their best clients

We did not go after every company. We pulled a very tight list and developed a very clear and succinct marketing message. We crafted a strong value proposition. We had proof out the wazoo to validate all our claims. Then we rolled out the tactics. We used a list, direct mail, email and yep, we even used their sales staff (by the way, good ‘ole fashion sales works wonderfully in this economy when used with proper marketing strategies).

The result?

Sales stopped sliding downhill. We gained footing and started moving uphill. The growth was gradual at first and then gained the momentum of a freight train. Sales went from $6.8 Million per year to $15.2 Million per year. And the sales were spread out over a number of verticals giving them security in case something happened to one of the verticals.

Chuck was happy.

And guess how long this whole process took? …. 30 days? 90 days? 6 months? …. Nope. None of these. It took 2 years to make this happen. When you’re making core level changes, sometimes change doesn’t happen overnight. (The snake-oil salesman of internet marketing and social media hype will get mad at me for saying this, but oh, well, I’ll get over it!)

Key Lessons Here:

#1: Know your customer. Whoever understands the customer best wins.

#2: Develop your strategy around your business’ strengths and objectives. NOT whatever bright shiny object is pitched. Remember fish chase after bright shiny objects. They also end up dead on the dinner plate.

#3: Get your core marketing in place – your unique selling proposition and your value proposition.

#4: Develop the right media mix FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Even though most of our business is internet marketing related, there are usually other opportunities to very quietly make significant gains that your competitors cannot track.

#5: Be patient. It takes work and energy to make BIG gains. Don’t expect to make radical changes and dominate your market in 30 days. Turn “Hype-TV” off and have a 12-24 month (or more) growth plan.

And lastly, go after it with FOCUS and DETERMINATION.


P.S. If you have questions or want help with your situation, email me at or Click Here to Request a Free Consultation


Goal Setting to Achieve Exciting and Sustained Growth Without Burnout and Fatigue

It’s that time of the year. Where stockings are hung by the chimney with care – and you’re madly scrambling around finding Christmas presents, planning menus, endless shopping and wrapping, working to close the year out, and planning for next year. I don’t know about you, but it tires me out!!

At this time of year, business owners set goals for next year.

Here’s what’s typically done – they answer one question “What do I want my sales to be next year? . . . or, How much do I want to make next year?”

And there’s nothing wrong with this. There’s usually growth, not necessarily significant growth, but growth. Or there are significant growth goals that are met with hard work and determination but end up just demanding more time from the business owner and eventually wearing him or her out.

Have you ever wondered what successful business owners do when setting goals? Or, put another way, how should goal planning be approached?

Goal setting should be done from a bigger perspective and worked backwards to short term focused goals.

But there’s a twist. Something else that should be an essential part of your goals if you want to experience exciting and sustained growth without burnout and fatigue.

What is it?

I’ll cover that in a moment, but first, it’s important that goal setting planning should be done in light of your overarching business objective.

My friend and private client, Michael Gerber, author of the mega best-selling book “The E-Myth Revisited” and his new bestseller “Beyond The E-Myth”, says that everything should be done based on your dream, vision, purpose and mission. Everything should be done in light of your dream.

If your dream is clear and defined, then wonderful, you are ahead of most everyone else. (I recommend reading Michael’s new book “Beyond The Emyth“.) But what if you’re dream is not clearly defined?

Start with answering these questions:

  1. What were your sales / revenues this year?
  2. What’s the fantasy for your business? What would you like it to be in 5 or 10 years? (pick a time frame that resonates with you)
  3. If it were 3 years from now, looking back to today, what would your business be like for you to feel really darn good about it?

This will give some bigger perspective.

If you want to experience exciting and sustained growth without burnout and fatigue, what do you do?

Answer these two questions:

  1. If I want to grow 50% next year, what do I have to do differently? What do I have to personally stop doing, or do less of, or have someone else do?
  2. What are the core essential things I have to do to grow 100%?

When I ask this question, clients typically say things like “I need to stop taking all the phone calls. I need to hire a personal assistant. I need to get organized. I need to stop getting involved in every little problem that seems so monumental at the time.” And the list goes on.

More importantly, they start thinking about their business in a different way. They start thinking about having great people and great systems in place.

So let me ask you, what systems do you need to get you to where you want to go?

  • If you had great systems and great people delivering your deliverable, creating a 5-star experience for your customers, would that help?
  • If you had a great sales and marketing system in place, delivering an awesome supply of leads and customers, AND if it is being manned and run by great people, would that help?
  • If you had a great management system in place, being run by great people, so you would know exactly what is going on in your business, would that help?
  • If you had a great organizational growth system in place, so that your leadership team is focused, with all oars in the water pulling in the same direction at the same time, would that help?

So while you’re setting your growth goals, also set a goal for what systems you want to get locked down next year.

If you look at things from this perspective, 2017 will be a fantastic year. And beyond that, 2018 and 2019 will be remarkable.

Make next year a great year, and have fun doing it.

Blessings eh!

P.S. We Simplify Small Business Growth. Our core focus is to Help Grow Small Businesses with Great Systems while Building Great People. If you need any help, with your goals or putting systems in place, let’s begin the conversation. It’s free. Go here to request a consultation:

P.P.S. We have a number of new resources and training to help you simplify the growth of your business. We have a pilot program running to have a sales and marketing system running in your business in 90 days. If you are interested in this, watch your inbox in early January, or click on the link above to request a consultation.

Are Your Emails Leaving Money On The Table?

In This Article I’ll Share One of the Most Overlooked and Mis-Used Ways to Increase Sales. It’s also something your competition will most likely NOT do.

One of the most underutilized marketing tools in businesses these days is the use of emails.

If you have 5000 people on an email list and you increase the effectiveness of your results by 5%, then you will have 250 MORE people that want to buy from you. Multiply 250 x how much a customer is worth to you. If you sell a higher end product or are a professional service business, and a customer is worth $10k to you, then you are leaving up to $2,500,000 on the table.

What about if you sell supplements or info products and have a bigger list?

Let’s say you have a list of 50,000 people, you sell a $50 product and 15% of the people open emails. Now suppose you increase results by 5%, then that means you have an EXTRA 2500 people reading your emails. (Please note, I typically like to see 30% open rate on emails so I downplayed the example here)

If an extra 2500 people that are already on your list but are ignoring your emails (or worse, you’re not emailing them), if these people buy your $50 product, then you have added up to $125,000 in sales.

To get these results, it does not require adspend and it multiplies the effectiveness of everything else you do. You just have to become a little better at something you are already doing.

Do I have your attention? Do you want to take some of that money off the table?

Everyone is always looking for the “next thing”. Since we have expertise in helping clients find, bring, nurture and sell people, clients always ask me “what is the next thing we should do?”

Here are some numbers that will boggle your mind and cause your pulse to quicken…

In my friend Ian Brodie’s book titled “Email Persuasion”, he cited these stats: “When the Direct Marketing Association studied the effectiveness of various types of marketing, email came out way on top with a return on investment of around 41 to 1. Nearly twice that of any other approach.

When data analytics firm Custora published the results of their 4-year study into the online buying patterns of over 72 million customers across 14 different industries, they showed that over 40 times as many purchases came from links in emails than from Facebook or Twitter.

Ok. so how do you do it?

…. with effective email marketing.

Let me tell you a story…

I suffer from a constant conundrum. In my professional life working with clients, my tendency is to be bottom line pure information. In my personal life, I like to laugh, play, have fun and tell stories, especially with my wife and 4 kids.

So what’s the conundrum?

Someone told me a long time ago that “people buy from people”. If the whole relationship I have with my clients and my email list is purely professional and purely informational, then how much of a relationship do I have?

If I’m so focused on facts, figures and “how-to’s” (all important) that I forget to be personable with clients and my email list, then a relationship is NOT created.

I recently had someone say to me, “I wanted to work with you because of the pictures of your family on your website. You look like a nice guy that knows his stuff.” People will come to you for your knowledge and stick with you for the substance of who you are. (That’s how it is with dating and marriage too isn’t it?)

Shameless confession, I used to write a weekly email newsletter diligently for years until I got burnt out. It was great at the beginning because I started by telling stories and entertaining while educating. Then I switched to “How to’s”…

  • How to double the number of leads from your website with one strategy you can implement in the next hour
  • How to get a continuous and never-ending flow of high quality leads to your professional practice for $20 each
  • How to 10x traffic and conversions while cutting costs and minimizing risk
  • How to – ugh, if this is all you do you will get burned out too!!!

I got tired of the how to’s. I got burned out. I wasn’t having fun. I was beginning to feel like a mechanical robot.

And when I was doing purely “how-to’s”, the feedback and comments I got dwindled significantly – you could say it fell faster than a fat boy falling off a cliff! 🙂

… meaning – the people I was emailing got burned out too.

To make your email marketing effective, yes, have pitch content, have “how-to’s”, and please, please, please, please, please have the personal touch.

When you do this, you will be pleasantly surprised at how your sales (and enjoyment) will increase.

To your success,

Blessings eh!

P.S. Opt-outs are ok. They will happen. If people opt-out because you are being who you are, then what are the chances they would stick around and purchase from you and be a good client or customer?



How a Combination of Wisdom and Statistics Can Get You More Traffic, Leads and Revenues

“Every business has numbers that are trying to tell them something, the problem is business owners are too busy being successful to be able to hear them.”

With a background in engineering, sales, and marketing, I have always been fascinated by numbers. And applying wisdom and pure statistics, you have the ability to grow your business while everyone else is jumping from tactic to tactic.

Albert Einstein said: “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.”

It’s similar to that. Business owners that understand how to apply statistics to their business position themselves to prosper… those that don’t, position themselves for frustrations.

This is true regardless of the economy – whether it is good, or bad. And if the economy is bad, then the opportunity becomes even better because in down times competition pulls back on all marketing leaving a gaping hole for someone who aggressively does the RIGHT things. I first learned this when I took a company from $7MM to $15MM.

I was always a fan of Og Mandino and his success principles, so I say to you, take hold of the grapes of wisdom I am sharing with you. Hold them in your hands. Savor them. Let the seeds of success sprout within you and don’t be swayed by their simplicity.

It’s in the simple things where the greatest opportunities lay. And buried deep in the soil of the simple things, inefficiencies often sprout and grow.

Most businesses are riddled with inefficiencies. I can walk through and analyze your business and pick out numerous opportunities you are missing in your advertising, marketing, lead generation and sales process.

Many Times, Small Steps Can Make Monumental Differences

While most people are looking for the magic bullet, I will tell you one place to look… did you know that you can grow revenues by making small incremental gains?

For example, according to the statistics:

If your business is offline, if you make a 15% increase in the number of people who see your ad, open it, take action and call, meet and close. If you have only a 15% increase in those areas, you will double your business.

If your business is online, if you make a 15% increase in impressions, CTR, Opt-In Rate, Add to Cart and complete the order. If you have only a 15% increase in those areas, you will double your business.

If you have a small 4.5% increase in each of these small marketing steps, your business can increase by 25%. It’s pure math.

If your business operates both offline and online, well, you do the math and imagine what you can do.

This is only one area where this is possible. You can also increase price, average transaction size, purchase frequency and create a niche where the biggest clients flock to.

Holy Smokes! What Do You Do and Where Do You Start?

There are so many opportunities and places to start. You can get bogged down by trying to do too much too soon and in the wrong order. Most businesses fail to execute the right things in the right order.

That is where wisdom comes in.

You want to identify where the biggest, lowest hanging fruit is. And it is usually not where you think.

You need to learn, study and dissect your processes. (And you should do the same with your competition too) When I was an engineer, this was vital to know your processes. The more intimate you are gaining knowledge and understanding, the easier it is to see the opportunities. And when I meet with businesses, asking a few of the right questions and business owners see where they are leaving piles of money on the table.

Become a pro and look for incremental gains. They are there. You just gotta find them and grab hold of them.

If you are too busy or don’t have the knowledge, outsource it to a professional. Whatever option you do, do it. Because wouldn’t your life be easier if your business had more traffic, leads and revenues? And what if you could do it without all the frustrations?

My greatest goal is to get you to where you want to go faster and easier than you thought possible. My real pay is seeing you win.

So… look at your business… look for the inefficiencies…. pick the lowest hanging fruit… and work at it until you taste the sweet rewards.

Love to hear and see your comments. Post them below.

Blessings eh!