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Chris Goegan has been featured around the world and in media

“If Chris Goegan isn’t the answer to everyone’s prayers, he’s been the answer to mine! I’ve never worked with a more enthusiastic, capable, resourceful and productive guy. And we’ve been in business for 30 years! Best of all, Chris always keeps his word! If trust is as important to you as it is to me, then by all means, give Chris a try as I did. Then you’ll be up here touting his wares!”

Michael E GerberHis mega best-selling book "The E-Myth Revisited" is listed on the top 10 books billionaires read. Look for his new book "Beyond The E-Myth"

“Chris Goegan excels in helping companies fine-tune marketing sonars to spot treasure chests under vast seas of data. His unique “Engineered Marketing” approach has been invaluable to helping us minimize risk while maximizing returns. The portion of our marketing budget allocated to Chris generates better returns than any other money that we spend on marketing.”

Tim VoorheesPrincipal Partner, Matsen Voorhees LLP

“I highly recommend Chris Goegan, he is an honest trustworthy soul.. I have seeked his wisdom in council for many years and he has opened my eyes to fresh ways of approaching our business and marketing needs.. if your business needs a kick start, look no further and take Chris up on his offer to review your marketing needs.”

Ken AppletonOwner, Appleton Renovations

“I’ve spent $26,000 on business coaching over the last 18 months but learned more in 3 hours with Chris about growing my business! In just minutes he gave me a clear path to double my business and give me so many options on creating a lifestyle I love. Ignore this guy at your own peril.”

Sean MyselMarketing Consultant

“A distribution company I own decided to go on the web to sell nation-wide. Turned out, this is not easy. When we hit the wall, I contacted Chris and he got us headed in the right direction”

Boake SellsFormer multi-billion dollar major retail corporation CEO