“One Fresh Idea Properly Implemented Can Get You “Unstuck” and Take Your Business To The Next Level”

Reading this page and then talking with us will be nothing like you have seen, heard, listened to, or experienced…

As a business owner you have probably done very well growing your company despite being a VICTIM of all the bad advertising and marketing advice out there.

You have been fed lines, garbage, bad advice – ever heard this one: “You gotta run ads for several months before you can expect to see a return” – rubbish! (I am a former top performer and insider in the advertising business before I got sick and tired of witnessing first hand all the lies, myths and waste that goes on – but that’s another story!!!….)

Well, those lines may have been tolerable to the ghost of business past, when there was an abundance of business and CASH. Remember those days from only a few short years ago?

Ahhhhh. Those were good times. Didn’t matter what you did, you were guaranteed to get business. It didn’t matter what the greedy commission driven advertising sales people said.

Now it does!

Because of these lies, myths and downturn in the market, a lot of businesses have recently become “stuck”.

Paralyzed is more like it.

Maybe you have experienced this… You are not getting the results you want and know you need to do something. Either unsure of what to do or bombarded with too many options, you do nothing and become “stuck” or paralyzed.

This will be disastrous if not remedied immediately.

If you are willing to be honest, you will admit that you don’t have a reliable marketing system. If you did, you would have all the business you need and wouldn’t be reading this right now would you?

A little bit of outside perspective breaks you free from paralysis and gives you crystal clear clarity. You become focused, re-energized and have a definite game plan to act upon. You feel confident and back in control.

My name is Chris Goegan and I provide an array of marketing and sales services. I can provide some fresh insight and new angles to solving your sales and marketing problems.

I was a former top performing advertising executive and know that industry and all the dirty little secrets. I also know all the real ways that real companies get business. You see, I have studied the industry from the inside. Now I am exposing it to people that want to break free and thrive in this economy.

From studying and interviewing thousands of businesses, and successfully implementing steps I also know the secrets to successful advertising and marketing. I can quickly spot missed opportunities and broken systems (a skill learned and highly refined as an engineer earlier in life)

To help quickly diagnose your missed opportunities and breakthrough potential, I have developed a “15 Minute Business Breakthrough Session” for small businesses. This is a fast-paced, no-nonsense, direct and powerful session conducted over the phone with you.

Here are some common areas you may be facing challenges and uncertainty in:

  • Cash Flow Problems: laying awake at night, staring at the ceiling worried about paying your bills and maxing out your lines of credit. I’ll give you a specific cash flow strategy that has helped hundreds of businesses make more money now. 26 out of the last 27 businesses I talked with were missing one thing that would allow them to thrive RIGHT NOW without making serious changes to how they operate.
  • No Time to do Anything: not enough hours in the day to get everything done, not enough support to accomplish all your tasks and tired of pulling off brutally l-o-n-g 12, 16, 18 hour days? I’ll show you how to accomplish more in 5 hours than you can in 10 hours right now.
  • Competition is beating the tar out of you: need I say more? I’ll show you how to create an unfair advantage over your competition and win more higher paying jobs from your ideal clients.

This Business Breakthrough Session is a no B.S., no holds-barred review of your situation with specific recommendations for what to do next.

Here’s how this works:

  • Fill out the form below and an application will be emailed to your inbox.
  • The application form will have brief questions for you to answer to help me understand your situation and be properly prepared for your call. I respect your time and mine.
  • Scheduling: indicate the dates and times on the form ideal for you. I will respond within 3 days with an appointment time for you to call. All calls are currently being conducted in 15 minute time slots on Tuesdays between 8-10am PST.
  • Fill out the form and email it back.
  • If you are seeking my services, understand I have a demanding schedule and new clients are accepted on a limited basis. If your business is outside of my area of expertise, I will advise you and recommend other resources for you.
  • Please be assured that this consultation will not be a thinly disguised sales presentation. It will consist of the best intelligence I can supply in a 15 minute time span. There is no charge for this call and must be strictly limited to 15 minutes.

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