How to Apply Business Boosters In Your Business To Make Quantum Leaps… it’s not what you think

The last few weeks I’ve been writing about Business Boosters that will dramatically increase the results of ANY business.

Some of the Boosters included the likes of…

  • Who wouldn’t want to Find an Army of People Eager to Sell Your Products or Services?
  • How to Tap Into The “Hidden Goldmine” in Your Business
  • How to Build Relationships to Get People to Keep Coming Back to You

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to have these?

Of course everybody wants these. And that’s where the problem lays… how do you implement them?!

I mean, yes you want these. Yes you salivate like Pavlov’s dog at the thought of having a solid, secure business that just keeps pumping revenue into your bank account month after month after month whether you are there or sipping Mai Tais in a hammock in Bora Bora. The thought has got to bring a smile to your face.

Simple. You pick one of the Boosters, put it into place this week, pick another put it into place next week, and so on. In 7 weeks you will have all the Business Boosters in place and 2 weeks later you will need to open up a new bank account. It’s that easy. (can you pick up the sarcasm yet?)

Seriously, if it was that easy, wouldn’t EVERYONE be fighting for the same hammock? And Bora Bora would be overpopulated.

There are people out there that will have you believe this. Many of the “Guru’s” and slick talking internet marketers and used car salesman will have you buy into this fantasy world. It’s the legal version of crack that is hawked by the truckloads. They will have you believe in Mega Mansions, Luxury Yachts, Rolex watches and “livin the life”.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s not good to sip the Pink Koolaid. It is, everyone should drink some of it. I did. It helps smack you upside the head and bring you back to reality. Because after the buzz wears off and you realize that you have been chasing pure fantasy, then you are ready for wisdom.

Wisdom is the perfect application of knowledge

Wisdom allows you to accomplish more than what you can accomplish off of a sugar rush any day. Oh, and by the way, you can have a good life with wealth, success, peace and strong relationships. You will enjoy it more through wisdom then through chasing fantasy.

When I signed up to do my Ironman it was an exhilarating experience. I had never done one before and had dreamed about it for over 20 years.

I could see myself crossing the finish line. Sheer joy on my face. Feeling of triumph. Fists pumping. Friends and family cheering me on. Pictures flashing. A pure, contented, joyful smile radiating out of my body.

My Ironman was 9 months away. I signed up on a Wednesday and on Saturday I got hit smack between the eyes with a healthy dose of reality.

My coach for the Ironman is an amazing man. Coach Dave. He has done many Ironman’s and helped 2-300 others do the same. Coach Dave announced that we were doing a 2 mile ocean swim. I was not ready to swim this distance and figured I could fake it and use good ‘ole will power and determination. Besides, I didn’t want to look stupid in front of my team. The other problem was I watched the movie Jaws to many times as a kid. I’m a guy from Toronto who grew up in fresh water. There are sharks in the ocean that will eat you right? But still I didn’t want to look stupid in front of my team. So I was ready to do it.

I missed the swim.

I conveniently had “something come up” and “had a previous commitment that I couldn’t get out of”. Truth be told, I was out of fantasy land and back into reality. Now I had a decision to make. Do I stay committed to my dream of finishing an Ironman or do I put it off and chase the fantasy later?

I got alone and reflected and made a quiet decision to pursue it. I knew it would require hard work, consistent work and wisdom.

I followed the daily workouts that Coach Dave layed out for me.

  • Many times I didn’t “feel” like it but did it anyhow
  • Many times I was injured and did the workouts anyhow
  • Many times I wanted to quit, but I did it anyhow

9 months later I gave birth to that dream.

I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Coach Dave. It was just too big for me to tackle on my own. Thank you Dave.

So how do you apply the Business Boosters In Your Business?

  1. You develop a workout schedule. Hire a coach if you have to.
  2. Do the workouts whether you feel like them or not.
  3. Measure your progress and adjust as necessary.

You do these and I guarantee you will make quantum leaps in your business. Say it takes you 3 months of focus to implement one thing – an Adwords campaign, improving your conversion strategy, developing a referral program – if you do it in 3 months then it is done. Then say it takes you 3 more months to do the next thing, and so on. In 12 months you will have 4 new Business Boosters or campaigns in place that are getting you results.

If you did this consistently for 1, 2 or 3 years, what impact would this have do for your business? Your lifestyle? Your security?

The Best news is that your customers will love you for it and your competition will be too lazy to copy you and will say “you got lucky”.



P.S. If you want to read my writeup of my Ironman Race, go to It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face when you read about what happened when I got out of the water after my swim. 🙂

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