I love playing hockey (I’m from Canada and play hockey – go figure eh?!!). After a hard fought game we sit around in the dressing room and shoot the breeze. Whether you’re a janitor, or CEO it’s real talk. No filters, No B.S.

So along that lines, here’s just a small handful of some of the unfiltered feedback I have received from clients…


“Thanks again for the burrito session. Honestly, you’re one of the few marketing guys I know who’s super insightful on how to deal with weird human behavior.”

Sean Mysel
Chris – you speak funny but that’s ok because you pass me the puck.

Ken Appleton



Love having you on the (hockey) team. You make everyone around you better.

Bill Pillette

Stellar Goalie and runs Marbella’s Market – best meat in the world (especially their tri-tip and hanger steaks)


Michael Gerber E-Myth Revisited Chris Goegan

Michael Gerber, “The World’s #1 Small Business Guru” – Inc. Magazine

“If Chris Goegan isn’t the answer to everyone’s prayers, he’s been the answer to mine! I’ve never worked with a more enthusiastic, capable, resourceful and productive guy. And we’ve been in business for 30 years! Best of all, Chris always keeps his word! If trust is as important to you as it is to me, then by all means, give Chris a try as I did. Then you’ll be up here touting his wares!” … Michael E. Gerber – His books have sold millions and his best selling book E-Myth Revisited is listed on the top 10 books billionaires read. He has touched the lives of millions of small business owners and entrepreneurs in 100+ countries around the world”


“I’ve spent $26,000 on business coaching over the last 18 months but learned more in 3 hours with Chris about growing my business! In just minutes he gave me a clear path to double my business and give me so many options on creating a lifestyle I love. Ignore this guy at your own peril.” … Sean Mysel, King of Sports Marketing



“Chris Goegan excels in helping companies fine-tune marketing sonars to spot treasure chests under vast seas of data. His unique “Engineered Marketing” approach has been invaluable to helping us minimize risk while maximizing returns. The portion of our marketing budget allocated to Chris generates better returns than any other money that we spend on marketing.” … Tim Voorhees, Principal Partner, Matsen Voorhees Mintz LLP


” This Crazy Canuck Just Made Me Twenty Two Grand! Beauty, eh!”

… that’s $22,000 within the FIRST 30 DAYS!!!  🙂

I’ve been a full-time Internet Marketer since 2001. Seen it all, tried it all. Had lots of successes, lots of failures. But I’ve never written endorsements for others. It’s just not something I do. I just don’t get astonished by much anymore. Google me and you’ll see what I mean.

So this is different and hell must have frozen over…

Chris Goegan’s Engineered Marketing program opened my eyes to the fact that my marketing was more of a wish than a plan as it lacked real substance and specificity.

Chris’s marketing brain is teeming with creative ideas. His cup runneth over! But even better, he has the copywriting skills to take those ideas all the way through to completion and straight into your bank account. In other words, his ideas work!!

His practical, easy-to-implement approach, has helped me clarify and implement a detailed and doable strategy that has cracked open my business for enormous new opportunities. As a result of following Chris’s step by step directions, I have been able to implement a unique, detailed plan that will enable me to reach my business goals in less than half the time than I thought.

I’ve been a student of many great goal setting teachers over the years – gurus like Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar and others. I love their stuff! But somehow Chris has been able to zero in, cut past the usual rhetoric, and give me the exact tools I needed to close deals right now. In fact, Chris’s guidance resulted in more than $12,000 in new sales within two weeks of our initial meeting.

But much more importantly, I now feel a whole new level of confidence when meeting with my prospects. I’m now able to close the deal 90% of the time. It’s really quite astonishing!

(My selfish truth be told, Chris is my secret weapon and I’d really like to keep him all to myself. But that’s not fair to you, so I’ve forced myself to do the right thing and share him with the world.)

Seriously though, Chris is exactly the kind of guy you want in your corner. He’s loyal, dedicated and he works hard for you. His knowledge, wisdom and experience will be an invaluable asset if you want to finally take control of your marketing strategy for long term business success.

David Matthies


Hi Chris,

It was a blast talking with you!!!!!!!!!!! What great ideals you have.You really got it.Color me IMPRESSED!

I love the idea of selling the experience, that is just what I have been thinking about did not know that was a selling point. I can’t thank you enough for that and much more.

I truly appreciate the time you spent on the phone today.

I have a feeling I will see you soon, like at an arena and hockey is involved.

Thank you again and may the sweetness be with you,

Judy at ClassicCandyBuffet.com

(Judy found out I’m a big hockey fan – being from Canada I gotta be eh?!!)



WOW is all I can say…. FAN-Tastic!!!!

…man oh man, is this soooo much better than I could’ve ever thought…


I can’t thank you enough for what your vision has created. This website is simply amazing and I can’t wait to share it with the world.

I think it is going to change the way photographers market their work.

And it’s about time.

Thank you again, I simply could not have done it without your vision, commitment and belief.


(from a project that helped net $70,000 in 67 days)


Chris has been so instrumental in helping me prepare to launch my new business! I appreciate his dedication, passion & Knowledge in marketing which has been a key factor in expanding the potential growth of my business.  He has given me great insight & direction in taking the right path & avoiding timely mistakes.
Chris, you came at the right time & have been a blessing!

Thanks for everything!

Heather Richardson
Little June Bug Shop.com



I was just on the call you made tonight with the Numark Sales Team.

I was blown away!!!!

I too am an athlete and a musician, so many of the points you made really hit home.

Monday May 18th is the official start date of Anthony Lamond’s IRON MINDSET!!!!


Thank you so much for inviting Chris to speak.

Please send me the written materials Chris was referring to during this call.

Best Regards,

Anthony Lamond
Latin America Sales Manager
Numark || Alesis || Akai Professional


Hello from Russia, Chris,
It was nice talking to you the other day.
It was a great help.
I moved out of my space before I left.
I saved $1600 right away,
over the next two years I will save $9,600.

You were right 🙂
Be well,


Thanks Chris –

You are “one of a kind” unique and gifted young man!  I am blessed that God put you in my life.  Thank you for sharing your heart, insights and gifts with me.  May God use me to reciprocate some back to you somehow!

In Christ,
Scott Meacham
Transformed Relationships LLC



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