How Do You Rate?

I’m guessing you are already successful in your market. You are more skilled and produce higher value to your clients than other companies.

Have you ever asked yourself “Why do these other companies seem to be doing so well even though their deliverable is inferior?” Do you ever find yourself wondering if you should continue investing in your current marketing efforts? And then wondering if you are just being a worry wart?

Have you ever hired someone whom you paid too many zeroes, weren’t really sure what it was they did, and found that instead of delivering you the moon like they led you to believe, they delivered garbage instead? Why does it seem every time you invest in marketing it goes south and you end up losing money? Do you ever feel you weren’t getting the expertise you deserved?

Maybe you can relate.

If so, I have some good news for you. The clients we work with have all felt and experienced that to some degree, and most have burned $25k in their “marketing education”, some have been burned by others to the tune of $1 million.

So when clients come to us, they are typically skeptical at first, and that’s ok. We actually prefer people who are honest skeptics – meaning they are skeptical and they are looking to see if there’s truth and substance, and if so then they move ahead.

What they find is that we are like a breath of fresh air. We help them see why they have not succeeded in the past like they wish they did, and then they clearly see what they need to do, and how to do it.

And the biggest relief they tell us, after working with us is that it is not that complicated, but instead it really is simple. It takes work, but it is simple.

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