Our Advantage

Our advantage is simple. We’ve been at this for 25+ years and have seen a lot of situations. But that’s not our main advantage.

My background as an engineer where I’ve built systems and understand the fundamentals and the intricate inner workings of internet marketing also helps. But that’s not it either.

Understanding that no two situations are alike and the best solution for your unique situation will most likely be different than someone else in your own market (there really are no such things as cookie cutter businesses). That helps too. But it’s not it.

What is our real advantage is us. Me. My team. And a superior process we have developed for growing and scaling businesses called “Engineered Marketing”

Me and my team, along with our Engineered Marketing methodology, have depth of knowledge and we are very easy to work with. We are low key, professional, driven and integrate well with business owners that have nothing more than a vision, business owners that have already successful teams and everything in between. Life has beat us up, knocked us around, toughened us up, thickened our skin, given us wisdom and softened our hearts.

We can’t work with everyone and will be upfront whether we can help you or not. Due to demand, we also have to be selective and cannot work with everyone. I’m sure you understand. (My wife and kids said they don’t want me working 24/7 and want me to do things with them too – imagine that eh?!!)

If you want someone that will give you an objective answer to whatever situation you are facing, then you should consider calling us. You can reach me at 714-553-2982, or email me at Chris@ChrisGoegan.com, or fill out this form: