What is Engineered Marketing?

It’s a time-tested and proven, yet radically different way of building the ultimate internet selling machine. Where you put dollars into the machine and a multiple of those same dollars comes out. It’s cost accountable, scalable and is built on a foundation of stone where it doesn’t matter if there’s changes in Google, Facebook, social media or other technologies – the results will still be there. It works.

Is this difficult? Not really if you know what you’re doing. Problem is, very few know how all the pieces come together and even fewer have the know-how and craftsmanship to make them work. In my days as an engineer, I built manufacturing lines consisting of 1000 different steps that automatically delivered parts defect free and hitting cost objectives 24/7. With sales and marketing, you are really building similar systems except that it’s much easier if you know what you’re doing because there are significantly less steps.

As an engineer I loved to find and fix problems, take things apart, understand how they work, tinker with them, look at large scale improvements and find opportunities in the details. It’s what engineers like to do. Engineered Marketing utilizes this. It involves starting with the end goal in mind, finding low hanging fruit, blueprinting, researching market holes and opportunities, determining the best technologies to use for your unique situation (i.e. Facebook, PPC, social media, YouTube, SEO, Adwords, email marketing, direct mail, media buys, etc.), then building out your internet selling machine in a scalable manner to minimize risk. Collecting data and incorporating feedback systems to ensure all targets are being hit are vital to your ongoing success. One last key point from my days as an engineer, is that I learned how to quickly dissect complex problems and find the root cause of failure.

It doesn’t end there – it also involves the street smarts of selling that were forged deep in the trenches where I banged out over 100,000 cold calls as a top performing commission only salesprofessional.

Finally, I’m also an endurance athlete and Ironman. We wrap everything we do with the determination, mindset and work ethic of an Ironman.

We constructed these key factors into a proprietary processes called Engineered Marketing. Engineered Marketing is integral to avoiding failure and minimizing risk while helping you achieve optimal gains.

This is why 100’s of business owners like you have allowed us to find and fix their sales, marketing and advertising problems.

Question: Do you know what is driving your revenues and leads? Is it scalable? Do you have lead generation systems that will work for each, and every traffic source out there? Do you have a turnkey selling system to smoothly and seamlessly convert the leads into sales? Are you able to take a vacation and have your business grow while you’re gone?

The Good News is, if you’re missing any of these, you have some low hanging fruit that can multiply deal flow, cash flow and profits. At the end of the day, the perfectly engineered campaign is one that takes a dollar and gives you back two, or five, or ten, or a hundred. That’s what we’re trying to design for you.

Anticipated Results: If you have a reasonably good website and conversion system, using our Engineering Marketing approach, we can usually identify at least 10-20 factors that will increase your traffic, pull through and conversions. Of these factors, there are 3-4 AOHO’s (Areas Of Highest Opportunities). When you find and focus on these, revenues can significantly increase. We’ll find them and show them to you. And if you want, we’ll implement and roll them out.

Disclaimer – Every business and situation is different. We cannot guarantee what kind of result you will achieve from working with us. We will also NOT work with any company that we think we cannot help. What we will do though, is identify opportunities to improve revenues and continuously analyze the results while we work together.

Is it time for a change? Are you where you want to be? Do you know how to get there? Do you want help?

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