What We Do Best

We help grow businesses for a living. My job is to get more leads or sales for businesses looking to expand or launch new ventures. We are good at it. In the last 20+ years working with hundreds of small business owners we have put millions in their pockets. And we continue to do so – in the last 9 years we have put over $65 million in the pockets of small business owners like you.

From the outside, the reasons for our success seem simple: we help businesses capitalize on opportunities hidden in the market and in their business. But others do that too. Yet we grow businesses more than they do. They compete in the same market. Do the same type of deals. Pitch the same facts and figures. Use the same technology. But the numbers show we are consistently one of the best. The difference is NOT luck. It is NOT a special gift. What we have is a good method. We have a proven process that has worked in more than 100 different industries. We have developed a proprietary method called Engineered Marketing. It can help you.

Case Study – Business Owner Successfully Rebounds From Crashed Economy to New Record Sales:
Hey Chris, I wanted to stop for a minute and say hello and give you a heads up. I am absolutely slammed at work now. My schedule has been packed. Its a great feeling. Just wanted to let you know that I’m very thankful for the help you’ve given me in the past, both from you directly helping me and from introducing me to other marketing methods. Feels good. Thanks bud. – Darius

For those that want more information, here’s my story of what has happened over the last 3 years… “I had 2 offices that were doing well. Then the economy crashed and my business dropped in half. I was confused and uncertain what to do. That’s when I met Chris. He helped me develop a plan I had confidence in. We made some changes to our website and started some new campaigns. Chris was right that it took a lot of hard work. I’m thankful I stayed the course and didn’t change directions after a few months. Bottom line – I sleep soundly all night, my wife is very happy with me, my sales are at an all-time high, I feel confident and in control of my business and am excited about the future. Oh, I also opened up a 3rd office and started a new business line. I’m really excited! Thank you!” ~ Dr. Darius Veleas, Victory Chiropractic