3 Questions Business Owners Should Answer About Their Marketing

The Gap Between “Floundering”, and “Feasting”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2013, 409,000 businesses were born, and, in the very same year about 400,000 died.

Why? Why do so many fail?

One of the big reasons is that business owners don’t have a grip on their marketing.

There are THREE questions most business owners are unable to answer:

1) What Is Your Goal?
This refers to the amount of money you need to bring in to satisfy your business, and your personal needs.

2) How Are You Going to Reach That Goal?
How many leads and sales do you need on an ongoing basis to hit your goal?

3) The final question is about marketing.
Do You Have A Client Acquisition System That Gives You The Highest Probability Of Achieving Your Objective?

The first two questions are very personal to you. Don’t mimic anyone else. Set the number high enough to make you smile but not ridiculous and out of reach that it will discourage you. KNOW how many leads and sales you need to make this happen. Get clear. Get focused. Kick some butt!

The third question is our Engineered Marketing solution – it’s the Client Acquisition System.

You busted your tail off building your business to where it is. You deserve to have your marketing working.

How do you get it working?

Think of your favorite car. Whether it’s Ford, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, or someone else. Those companies don’t build cars one at a time. They have a manufacturing assembly line. They don’t chase after the latest painting fads, or forging fads, or machining fads. They don’t fly by the seat-of-their-pants. They don’t scramble building each car.

What they do have is a great SYSTEM for making cars. A system that makes millions of high-quality vehicles to delight their customer – you!

What if you had a system like that?!! What if you had a system that makes tens, or hundreds, or thousands, or millions of sales, with each, and every sale delighting your customer? Would that make a difference in your life?

I have built those systems to make millions of cars as an engineer for Ford. I have built those systems to generate leads and sales for hundreds of businesses, and I continue to do so today. I am passionate about building client acquisition systems.


Because I think you should be spending your time helping people doing what you do best, whatever that may be – whether you are a financial advisor, lawyer, author, doctor, contractor, cat or dog boarding company, marketing manager, roofing company, make almond butter, consultant, coach, or any other professional service company or ecommerce company.

You should be selling a boatload of what you sell.

Do you have a good product or service that helps people? Then you deserve to have all the leads and clients and sales you want so you can help even more people and make even more money. What an exciting cycle that is.

You won’t get there chasing the latest traffic technique, or the latest marketing fad, or the hopped-up pitch-of-the-week.

You will only get there with a system.

Do you want an assembly-line marketing system that can give you a scalable number of leads (or client, or sales), seemingly at will? Do you have a system that will allow you to grow from struggling, to a lifestyle business, to a regional business, or a nationwide or world-wide enterprise – a system that will allow you to grow as big as you want, with the same amount of time you’re working now, or less?

Did you know that when you have this, you can cut back on the time you are working in your business and instead spend more time doing whatever it is you like to do? Traveling, more time with the kids or grandkids, golfing, mountain biking, swaying in a hammock somewhere tropical, or building an astonishing business that you can pass on or sell.

Your answers to these three questions is the gap between where you are, and where you want to be.

  1. What is your goal?
  2. How are you going to reach that goal?
  3. Do you have a client acquisition system to achieve your objectives?

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My desire is to see you have astonishing success in your business.


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