Everything is going to be alright in business and marketing when you do this

This is NOT how it’s supposed to be. Everything was supposed to work out.

A number of years ago my entire life and business staggered, toppled and then collapsed.

I picked up the phone and called a dear friend whose advice I cherish. “What do I do? I lost my business, my cash reserves are gone and we have to leave our house.”

This is NOT how it’s supposed to be. Everything was supposed to work out.

It didn’t.

What happened?

I built a business up, and then I took my hand off the wheel. I listened to advice from “well-intentioned” people and took my business in a different direction it should never have gone in at the time.

And then I was lied to by the one person I thought I could trust – myself.

I told myself everything was going to be ok. I would pull through this like I pulled through other things.

Everything is going to be alright in business and marketing when you do thisThe picture is of a stuffed animal I was given at the time. It says “EGBAR”, which stands for Everything is Going to Be All Right. Wow, did I ever fool myself. It worked out later, but at the time I was dredged through the mud.

The warning signs were there but I missed them. I didn’t have wisdom. I didn’t want to listen to anyone because I knew best. My ego and pride almost destroyed me.

It caused immense pain.

It could have been avoided IF I had wisdom from someone with a higher perspective.

The worst part is my wife suffered and was dragged through this even though she did nothing wrong. I had let myself down and let her down.

She stayed by my side.

Slowly but surely, I painfully I rebuilt my business and rose up out of the ashes like a phoenix. Life is so much better when you can breathe freely.

If only I had sought advice. I could have been spared from much pain and suffering. If only I had listened to wisdom.

It’s like that old Ernest Hemingway quote, “How did you go bankrupt? Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.

I see many people (and have helped many people) heading in this direction. They may be doing ok now, but their marketing is not working. If they don’t get this worked out now, they will be bankrupt, out of business, and on the street.

This happened to a client that was doing millions in sales. Their marketing gradually stopped working. They kept saying it was going to be Ok.

By the time they came to me they had no sales. I can’t resurrect the dead. They were too far gone. They should have been doing tens, or hundreds of millions of dollars but they sold for less than pennies on the dollar.

If your marketing isn’t working, then if you don’t radically change what you’re doing or who you’re listening to, then you could be next.

How do you know if you’ll be too far gone? How do you know if you’ll be feasting or floundering?

I wrote a separate blog post on that. There are three questions you need to answer. You can learn more by reading the article here: http://www.chrisgoegan.com/the-gap-between-floundering-and-feasting/

My wish is for you to see remarkable gains in your business.

Chris Goegan

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