3 Forces Affecting Internet Marketing Consultant Chris Goegan

Three Major Forces Changing Internet Marketing

Read this if you are in the game and want bigger results, or if you are not yet in the game but want to get in:

The vast majority of people today believe that internet marketing is a piece of cake and it’s so easy to get an abundance of leads. This has led to many business failures and much frustration. But if you start challenging the way people are thinking, then you can start to see the market from a different perspective. A more powerful perspective. The perspective we use.

Let me explain…

Internet marketing, especially with Facebook, LinkedIn, Social Media and the Big G (Google) have been changing over the last several years. A few years ago you could slap up a web page, buy some cheap clicks, send people to your page and you’d have instant business.

It was a gold rush.

Now things have changed significantly due to the three market forces which I explain below.

80-90% of companies are failing or struggling while 95% of the spoils are going to the top 1% of businesses. The rich get richer and the poor struggle.

The good news is, you get to pick what camp you are in – if you understand these forces and act accordingly.

Three market forces that we follow very closely have formed an important window that we can step through – if we time it right. We don’t know how long the window will be open, but if you get into action now, you can make remarkable gains in your business faster using any marketing medium out there.

Here’s our analysis of the way the market is moving:

#1 Competitive Factors – everyone and their brother are jumping into the market. With the insurgence of competition in internet marketing, your prospects have many more choices. Most competitors are marketing wrong and it will take some time for them to figure it out. You have to be wise on how to position yourself.

#2 Economic Factors – With more competitors jumping online, and with all advertising companies (think Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) working really hard to get more people to advertise, the cost of getting traffic is increasing. Click costs that were $0.20 a few years ago are now up to $5 and in some highly competitive markets, depending on the media source used, can cost as much as $50 – $100 per click. There is still a window of time to have a feast of business if you deploy a well-engineered strategy and value proposition, to the right audience, at exactly the right time, and have a wise engagement and ascension plan.

#3 Technology Factors – A lot of other media is clamoring for your marketing and advertising dollars – with Facebook, Pinterest, Google, Mobile, Twitter, YouTube, etc., Most of the advertising platforms are weak with a lower proportion of buyers and they are struggling trying to figure out how to gain profits. We know a strategy that will shortcut your success and allow you to climb to the top of the heap of whatever traffic source you choose. How long the window is open, I don’t know.

This may or may not be news to you, but this is what is going on and how the market is moving NOW. All three forces are essential to your online strategy.

There is a formula for marketing success. It goes like this: Success = Engineering + Systems + Salesmanship + Data Feedback Loop.

Again, if you’re not in the market and want to, or if you want to win bigger, then you have a short market window to step through.

If you fight against these forces you will struggle. If you hit it right, though, you’ll be one of the few businesses that gets through this small window with a wide grin on your face.

You get to choose – what will it be?


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