Special Report for Crazy Egg’ers. If you offer a service and are NOT the cheapest guy on the block, do you…


Want to have a Full Book of High-Paying Clients

And Enjoy MORE Time Off?


In the last 20+ years, we have helped 100’s of business owners simplify their marketing so they can get on to more important things in life. Now you can learn what only the smart business owners have known for years.

More Leads, More Business … Less Headaches


“5 Critical Factors to

Turn Your Website Into

The Ultimate Selling Machine”


Note: Website conversion is only ONE of the factors. Before you do ANY marketing, watch this video now:

Here’s the deal. We all want more leads, more business, more profits and more time off. We subscribe to marketing gurus newsletters. We read many of the same books. We’re all looking to create an unfair advantage, especially online. The problem is there are so many options and everyone is telling you different things that it is SO CONFUSING!

. . . Can You Relate?

Look, you’ve been around the block once or twice. You’ve heard all the pitches, all the promises and the things you must have to make your business flourish. You’ve attended webinars, downloaded free papers and special reports. You’re on 20 different lists, then you unsubscribe from a bunch and a few weeks later you’re back on 20 lists again. And all the messages start sounding the same. No?

Answer these Questions:
Why do some business owners have great success while others continually struggle? Why have some been able to increase lead flow, grow profits, cut costs, and successfully launch into new ventures regardless of the economy? What do they know? What do they do that others don’t? (besides allowing us to help them)

We help grow businesses for a living. My job is to get more leads or sales for businesses looking to expand or launch new ventures. We are good at it. In the last 20+ years working with hundreds of small business owners we have put millions in their pockets. And we continue to do so – in the last 9 years we have put over $65 million in the pockets of small business owners like you.

From the outside, the reasons for our success seem simple: we help businesses capitalize on opportunities hidden in the market and in their business. But others do that too. Yet we grow businesses more than they do. They compete in the same market. Do the same type of deals. Pitch the same facts and figures. Use the same technology. But the numbers show we are consistently one of the best. The difference is NOT luck. It is NOT a special gift. What we have is a good method. We have a proven process that has worked in more than 61 different industries. We have developed a proprietary method called Engineered Marketing. It can help you. And when you opt-in below, I will share with you some of the components.

This is NOT another fancy-schmancy program promising you instant riches with no effort. This is also NOT a gimmick or a setup for a cookie cutter $1997 products. This is NOT mystical magical woo-woo nonsense. This is NOT law of attraction B.S.

What this is: An engineer turned marketing professional (with a lot of well-earned bumps and bruises over the years) sharing time-tested and proven, yet cutting edge and highly advanced principles and strategies of what is working right now in this economy based off of 20+ years experience working with 100’s of small to mid-sized business owners in over 61 different industries. What I’m going to go over with you works. It works for me. It works for my clients (many of whom are industry leaders). And it will work for you – if (and this is a big “IF”) – you are willing to watch, listen, learn and implement. You will also have the opportunity to schedule a free, no-obligation 15 minute consultation with myself (Chris) to go over your biggest problem and give you at least one idea that you can implement to breakthrough to the next level. (Please note: we strictly limit the number of free consultations available each month. I have a full client load so I have to watch my time. I’m sure you understand)

How do you rate:

  1. Do you have enough leads for your business that you don’t lay awake at night wondering how to make payroll or where the next buck is coming from?
  2. Do you have a system that continuously delivers high-paying clients pre-sold on working with you?
  3. Do you have a sales letter that has pulled in over $100,000 RIGHT NOW that you can leverage into $500,000 or $1,000,000 per year (or MORE)?
  4. Do you have a system that eliminates all competition and effortlessly draws clients in like a Venus fly trap?
  5. Do you have enough time off? (I’m an endurance athlete and like to do marathons, centuries and Ironman’s and still have plenty of time to enjoy with my family. What is it that you want?)

If you’re not where you want to be or have goals to accomplish a bigger vision, then after you opt-in, here’s what you will learn over the next few days:

  • How to turn your website into the ultimate conversion machine
  • The processes that top service companies are using
  • Have your profits go from Good to Great by implementing one concept I learned 25 years ago as an engineer
  • Discover how one client grew his service business by 200% in only one quarter by doing one thing that we intentionally left off his website