TCP - The Three Circles of Wealth

Many people are looking for the homerun when it comes to their marketing. Sometimes it happens right away, more often it doesn’t.

Many people are looking for the homerun when it comes to their marketing. Sometimes it happens right away, more often it doesn’t.

Here’s a case study where something spectacular happened for a client that had no list, no market and no time.

The work involved to do this:

  • Was NOT glamorous
  • Did NOT involve any new technology
  • Had nothing to do with a pretty website (while a pretty website helps, in this situation the site was kind of ugly)
  • Did NOT involve a big list (the client had no list, this was done with C-O-L-D traffic)

So how did he pull in multiple six figures from a tiny adspend?

The client was an industry leader in the real estate industry and wanted to fill seminars to show people how to invest.

He was already somewhat successful and he had already started putting on seminars. He had marketing that was working ok and returning a positive ROI.

His goal was simple: Target better clientele that has cash.

He wasn’t doing any internet marketing and was thinking that he was missing opportunity. He was.

Now this posed a new kind of problem. There really wasn’t much internet traffic available. The city where the seminar was in had a population of less than 1 million people. Not an ideal situation. And there were maybe 100 people searching for real estate seminars in that city, and of those 100, only a few might attend.

If 100% of the people searching for seminars came to his website (they wouldn’t) and if 1% signed up, then that would be 1 person. This math doesn’t work. The client sold seminar tickets and coaching programs and needed waaayyyyyyy more than 1 person to make $300,000.

Quick recap – no list, very small number of people searching, no presence on social media, small geographical location and with a seminar being a week away, not enough time to do a grass-roots program, and needing to get a lot of people to the seminar.

So What Happened?

The client employed our Engineered Marketing approach (plus he allowed us to help him). We focused on his TCP – his Three Circles of Wealth – Traffic, Conversion and Profitability. TCP - The Three Circles of Wealth

Traffic – we came up with some creative ways to drive traffic and visitors to his website to the tune of getting 1000-2000 visitors per day to his site (compare to conventional approaches that would typically yield 20 visitors per day).

Result: the client added $150,000 in revenues

Conversion – this is where one of the big gains happened. He already had a good website that was working. He asked our opinion and we noticed some incongruencies. The message and offer on his webpage was off relative to the content and value people received at the seminar and what was mentioned on his website. It was a subtle yet significant change.

We had also developed and tested numerous different hot buttons on the ads we were running and found some to be “hotter” than others.

I engineered a strategy and sent the client 5 texts and 2 emails outlining the changes that should be made to the headline, to the images on the site and to the copy.

The client took the suggestions and implemented them. It took him 30 minutes.

Result: client doubled his revenue from $150,000 to $300,000

Profitability – the numbers shown above were remarkably profitable. Client acquisition cost was peanuts and ROI was a large multiple of this. (Sorry, for confidentiality reasons I can’t disclose actual numbers 🙂

Time for the dramatic close to this post… drum roll please….

If you would like to have changes like this in your business, then focus on your TCP (Three Circles of Wealth). There are opportunities that exist in your business right now.

Oh, if you’re a numbers guy (gal) figure out how much the client make when he repeated this monthly (which he did). Now figure out what could happen in your business…

It was NOT a stroke of luck. He had a well engineered client acquisition system.

Blessings eh!

Please Note: This is an actual case study and numbers were provided by the client. Results will vary from person to person based on their unique situation.

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